Systemwash 301

Systemwash 301 is a unique vehicle washing system aimed primarily at fleet operators who require a simple vehicle washing system where costs can be carefully monitored and controlled.

The system is extremely flexible and can be tailored to individual requirements depending on a number of factors such as chemical usage, type of vehicle, amount of vehicles, location etc, all this has to be discussed in more detail and a proposal put forward, what we do know is after analysing data from regular users of the system that the savings have been very significant and if the real savings are taken into account such as the time to manage your old system, H & S management, etc then the total savings become very apparent.
The system operates in one of the three following formats ;

1    Free on loan equipment: if your annual chemical usage per machine is around 800 litres or more then it is likely this system would be right for you, however this can depend on how many locations there are in total.

2    Contract hire: If you do not use chemical and just require a rinse system or even just a controlled pressure washing system then this is a great option, for one low monthly figure you have a fully controlled system with no service, repairs or expensive call out.

3    Crossover: This system incorporates a mixture of the above, in simple terms a lower monthly rental and the use of up to 400 to 800  litres of chemical per machine per annum.
From the outset of the deal we make everything very clear in writing what your obligations are and indeed what our obligations are, but the real benefit is that all prices are guaranteed not to increase for anything throughout the contract period, so for example if the contract was to run for 36 months the agreed price for a high pressure would be the same in month 1 or in month 36, Guaranteed !

Whatever the chosen format, they all enjoy the following benefits

•   No service or breakdown costs ever   •  Very low capital outlay  •  Total control over chemical usage
•  Constant legislation updates  •  All chemicals are Biodegradable  •  One Stop contact Tel number or e-mail address
•  No delivery charges for anything *  •  Minimum risk of vehicle and livery damage  •  Optional on-site training
•  Simple one touch, 24-volt controls for total safety  •   Machine is fully frost protected
•  Free site survey anywhere on mainland UK  •   Quarterly financial reports mailed electronically (by request)

* Brush heads and poles maybe subject to postal charges
•   Token equipment for payback
•   Full stainless steel equipment (food safe areas)
•   Remote controlled equipment
•   Key over-ride to prevent unauthorised use

Your basic obligations
•   To pay a one-off installation fee
•   To pay for any replacement external high pressure hoses, lances, trigger guns, brush heads and brush poles at    guaranteed discounted prices.
•  To purchase System Wash chemicals in minimum quantities of 400 litres per machine location
•  To provide a location with suitable power and water supply and adequate space to site the equipment
•  To insure the equipment against fire and theft
•  To pay for accidental damage, misuse or abuse