Hot Water Static Machines

Part No. Model Working Pressure LMP Motor / Pump RPM / H.P Temp Dec c 24 Volt Controls Timed Total Stop H.P Chemical Low Fuel Volts Amps Weight Price
0751 HSA 1 90 12.5 1450 / 3.0 0 - 95 Yes Yes Yes Opt 230 13 190 4595.00
0753 HSA 3 190 15 1450 / 7.5 0 - 85 Yes Yes Yes Opt 400 13 x 3 200 4695.00

In addition to above, all models feature 304 grade Stainless steel lockable cabinet, removable stainless steel door, 32 litre capacity water tank, mains interruption, full Motor overload protection, FSA total stop safety system (no trapped pressure), fire valves on feed and return fuel lines, pump with brass head, heavy duty lance, hose and trigger gun as standard.

Hot Water Mobile Machines

Part NoModel Working PressureLPMMotor / Pump RPM / HPTemp Deg C24 Volt Control Timed Total StopH.P ChemicalLow Fuel VoltsAmpsWeightPrice
3162AquaStar 190111450 / 3.00 - 80YesYesYesNo230131202595.00
0036AquaStar 3150131450 / 4.00 - 75YesYesYesYes40013 X 31502745.00
0742AquaMax 1 9012.51450 / 3.00 - 80YesYesYesYes230131523395.00
2914AquaMax 3190151450 / 7.50 - 75YesYesYesYes40013 x 31653495.00

In addition to above, all models feature heavy duty, twin axle, powder coated, Zintec steel chassis hinged and removable stainless steel cover, on board water tank, Main Interruption, full Motor Overload protection, FSA Total Stop Safety System (no trapped pressure), (except AquaStar), 1450 RPM Pump with Brass Head, heavy duty lance hose and trigger gun as standard.

Options & Accessories for Hot Water Machines

Part NoDescriptionList Price
2183Frost protection HSA range (standard down to -5 Deg c)533.01
3047Frost protection HSA range (extended down to -15 Deg c)670.81
2720Security Cover for controls HSA Mk4 models (Excluding Padlock)116.37
2262Chemical Solenoid Conversion with stainless steel chemical restrictor for HSA range, AquaMax Range 178.91
2868Flame monitoring for HSA range, Verso range, AquaMax Range (with circuit board)125.77
2510Integral fuel tank complete with filter, strainer and low level fuel cut out HSA range (60 litre capacity)372.61
2268Pressure reduction option (Steam Valve) for HSA range, AquaMax range106.84
2858Extra large water tank for MK 4 HSA range, 68 litres. 70.86
2266Remote pad with pump on-off 5 metres cable 122.08
2432Remote pad with pump on-off and burner on-off 5 metres cable 148.03
2265Remote pad with pump on/off, burner on/off and chemical on/off 5 metres cable181.41
3113Key over-ride upgrade complete with two keys (no contacts)42.83
3114Extra Keys to suit 3113 (pair)13.38
2504Remote token unit stainless steel with stop button to suit all machines377.91
2157Tokens to suit 2504 each1.70
0254AquaReel heavy duty manual wind hose reel high pressure 40m 2 wire capacity 406.81
000220 Metre 2 wire high pressure hose to suit 0254169.18
059430 Metre 2 wire high pressure hose to suit 0254253.76
0513Swivel 90 deg 3/8 BSP m x 3/8 BSP f stainless steel / 280 bar 40Lpm to suit 025494.56
2495Snow cowl kit stainless steel for HSA range 191.48

Prices accurate from 1st Jan 2014 to 31st Dec 2014

All Prices Exclude VAT & Carriage